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Michaela Kreyenfeld & Dirk Konietzka: Kinderlosigkeit in Europa


Childlessness in Europe (2017).
Contexts, Causes, and Consequences
(herausgegeben von Michaela Kreyenfeld & Dirk Konietzka

Springer Verlag open access



"This open access book provides an overview of childlessness throughout Europe. It offers a collection of papers written by leading demographers and sociologists that examine contexts, causes, and consequences of childlessness in countries throughout the region. The book features data from all over Europe. It specifically highlights patterns of childlessness in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. An additional chapter on childlessness in the United States puts the European experience in perspective. The book offers readers such insights as the determinants of lifelong childlessness, whether governments can and should counteract increasing childlessness, how the phenomenon differs across social strata and the role economic uncertainties play. In addition, the book also examines life course dynamics and biographical patterns, assisted reproduction as well as the consequences of childlessness. Childlessness has been increasing rapidly in most European countries in recent decades.
This book offers readers expert analysis into this issue from leading experts in the field of family behavior. From causes to consequences, it explores the many facets of childlessness throughout Europe to present a comprehensive portrait of this important demographic and sociological trend."


Die Beiträge des Buchs


Part I Childlessness in Europe: An Overview

KREYENFELD, Michaela & Dirk KONIETZKA - Analyzing Childlessness
š - Childlessness in Europe: Reconstructing Long-Term Trends Among Women Born in 1900 -1972

Part II Country Studies

BERRINGTON, Ann - Childlessness in the UK
KÖPPEN, Katja/MAZUY, Magali/TOULEMON, Laurent - Childlessness in France
KREYENFELD, Michaela & Dirk KONIETZKA - Childlessness in East and West Germany: Long-Term Trends and Social Disparities
BURKIMSHER, Marion & Kryštof ZEMAN - Childlessness in Switzerland and Austria
ROTKIRCH, Anna & Anneli MIETTINEN - Childlessness in Finland
FREJKA, Tomas - Childlessness in the United States

Part III Women's Education and Childlessness

NEYER, Gerda/HOEM, Jan M./ANDERSSON, Gunnar - Education and Childlessness: The Influence of Educational Field and Educational Level on Childlessness among Swedish and Austrian Women
SCHAEPER, Hildegard/GROTHEER, Michael/BRANDT, Gesche - Childlessness and Fertility Dynamics of Female Higher Education Graduates in Germany

Part IV Fertility Ideals, Biographical Decisions and Assisted Reproduction

KUHNT, Anne-Kristin/KREYENFELD, Michaela/TRAPPE, Heike - Fertility Ideals of Women and Men Across the Life Course
BERNARDI, Laura & Sylvia KEIM - Childless at Age 30: A Qualitative Study of the Life Course Plans of Working Women in East and West Germany
TRAPPE, Heike - Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Germany: A Review of the Current Situation
PRÄG, Patrick & Melinda C. MILLS - Assisted Reproductive Technology in Europe: Usage and Regulation in the Context of Cross-Border Reproductive Care

Part V Consequences of Childlessness

KEIZER, Rensk4 & Katya IVANOVA - Whats a (Childless) Man Without a Woman? The Differential Importance of Couple Dynamics for the Wellbeing of Childless Men and Women in the Netherlands
MIKA, Tatjana & Christin CZAPLICKI - Fertility and Womens Old-Age Income in Germany
ALBERTINI, Marco & Martin KOHLI - Childlessness and Intergenerational Transfers in Later Life


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